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To obtain oat flakes, grain oats are subjected to stage-by-stage exposure to high temperatures and special technological mechanisms.

At the first stage, the shell is removed from the oat grains, then the refined grain is subjected to steam treatment at a high temperature and at the last stage the grains are flattened to the usual form. It will take up to 20 minutes to cook the porridge, depending on the degree of processing. Oatmeal is over-processed (cut for better fiber splitting) have a minimum cooking time (3-5 minutes)

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Oatmeal is made from whole grains, which are not peeled, but immediately cut into several parts to reduce cooking time. Whole oatmeal is boiled for almost an hour, it has the usual taste, but richer. Unprocessed oat grains retain the maximum amount of nutrients.

Hercules is a product made from grains by hydrothermal treatment and pressing. As a result, it has a shorter cooking time, as a result of which it is in great demand. Vitamins and minerals are not significantly less than in whole grain cereals.
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100 grams contains 352 kcal. Instant oatmeal has a higher calorie content (366 kcal) due to an increase in carbohydrates and a decrease in protein due to an increase in cooking time.

Oats as a grain crop contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, and most of them are preserved in Hercules. B vitamins, except for B12, antioxidant E, vitamins H and PP, as well as trace elements K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Cl, S, I, F, P, Na. A large number of trace elements indicates the usefulness and high nutritional value of the product.

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