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Barley bran

Barley bran

Sale of barley bran directly from the manufacturer Zauralzernoprodukt LLC.

Purpose: for animal feed, birds.

Flour and cereal production, Kurgan +7 (3522) 22-45-45

One shell of barley contains a huge amount of vitamins, folic acid, various minerals. All of them are required for the growth of the animal and the maintenance of its vital functions.

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Barley waste helps the proper functioning of all vital processes in the animal’s body. It should be noted that barley flour contains vitamins such as provitamin A, elements of group B, silicic acid, B-glucan polysaccharide, and so on.

Extruded barley is obtained from forage varieties. After complex processing, it gets excellent taste. The original, pleasant taste and smell of bread is noted. Also, after processing, there is an improved assimilation of all nutrients in the body of pigs. Digestibility is improved by about 12%. The most valuable is the grain of barley, which was grown in arid regions, in which the soil contains a huge amount of protein. Straw and chaff are often used as excellent roughage. Some areas grow this crop for green animal feed.

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