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Peeled rye flour

Peeled rye flour

Production and sale of peeled rye flour directly from the manufacturer Zauralzernoprodukt.

Flour and cereal production, Kurgan +7 (3522) 22-45-45

Whole grain rye flour is a unique in nature product that has a huge amount of nutrients that are so necessary for humans. Whole grain or whole-ground rye flour is a real “cocktail” of mineral salts, macro- and microelements, carbohydrates and fiber.

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Useful properties of peeled rye flour

Like its original vegetable source, rye flour may well claim to be the most useful product that is used for the preparation of bakery products: baked goods made from rye flour have a general strengthening effect and normalize metabolism, and also have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thanks to a special method of processing rye flour, we manage to preserve almost all of its natural properties: vitamins of groups E, A, B, as well as manganese, zinc, aluminum, molybdenum, fluorine, iron, calcium, sodium, and also magnesium. All of them are essential for the normal functioning of a healthy body.

By eating baked goods and breads made from whole-grain rye flour, you not only make a choice in favor of great taste, but also help your body fight harmful substances – it’s no secret that rye products are rich in antioxidants that remove everything from the body. unnecessary. And fiber, which is almost twice as much as in plain flour, also allows rye flour to be included in the diet of people suffering from overweight, diabetes and stomach diseases.

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