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Pea bran

Pea bran

Production and sale of pea bran directly from the manufacturer Zauralzernoprodukt LLC.

Purpose: for animal feed, birds.

Flour and cereal production, Kurgan +7 (3522) 22-45-45

We sell high-quality grain feed, which is a process of modern and technologically correct processing of legumes.

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The use of vegetable feed is considered the basis for the preparation of the diet of farm animals. Many farmers use pea waste, which contains a large percentage of nutrients. Pulses are famous for their concentration:

a protein that is perfectly broken down in the body and is completely absorbed;
amino acids, which are necessary for the animal body for active growth;
hormones and vitamin E – these substances are not found in other plant foods.
Waste is obtained after cleaning, processing or in the process of sorting the main grain mass delivered to the elevator. High-quality peas are processed, and their remains are used as nutritious feed for farm livestock. It is especially useful to add grain legumes to the diet of poultry and use in raising pigs. This is an excellent option for compound feed, but it must be controlled by the amount of consumption, depending on the waste category:

The first one contains up to 60% of pea grains and is considered the most nutritious.
The second – contains up to 30% of grain residues and refers to compound feeds of average quality.
The third contains up to 10% waste and is least valued for its nutritional properties.


Considering the seasonality of feeding, peas are added to the diet of animals in certain quantities. This allows you to balance the nutrition of livestock and combine it intelligently with other grains. In this way, cattle, ruminants and poultry receive the substances necessary for active growth and mass gain all year round.

Attention! In addition to the nutritional properties of peas, it is taken into account that such grain waste can inhibit the function of the animal’s body to digest proteins. Also, the inhibitors contained in legumes provoke gas formation. That is why the concentration of peas in the total composition of the feed must be strictly controlled.

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